Saturday, January 17, 2015

The January Plan

The UFO parade helped to "organize" my massive amount of projects under way.  For January I have a few goals (yes, I know the month is more than half over)
  1. finish the red/pink projects that I started (4 to be exact)
  2. Quilt one UFO from the list.
  3. Start to organize my blue scraps and pick some projects for February to start.  
That seem pretty reasonable.  I am trying to limit myself to smaller projects so I can complete them easier.  This worked pretty well last year.  I need some new things to keep the old things fun and interesting.

Because post without pictures are just boring, I will show you pictures of my half done red/pink projects (heart pillow, 3 runners).  Both the runner patterns are from the Stripology book.  The back ground is a white with little pink dots from the hello Petal Collection of fabric.  It is a great background.

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