Friday, January 16, 2015

UFO parade (Part 3)

Partially Pieced

Most of these are the ones that were "left behind" last year.  There are a few new ones, but most of these are old ones that I neglected to work on.  These are the ones that take up the most space because there are still a lot of parts to keep track of.

1.  a few postage stamp blocks.  I am in no hurry to finish this one.

2.  Raggy brick quilt.  I couldn't find the project to take a new photo.  I know it is in my studio somewhere.

3.  These didn't move out of the container either  Since all the blocks are already quilted, this would be a quick finish.

4.  This is Bonnie's tobacco road pattern with the pieces larger.  I hope to get this into at least flimsy stage.

 5.  This is Bonnie's quilt Easy Street.  I cut the pieces in 2014 and I started piecing the blocks.  I love the colors so I hope to finish it in 2015.

6.  This is canned pears from Fig tree.  I love this quilt.  I have the columns done...but...If you go larger, the columns aren't the same size.  I just need to figure this out and piece the checkerboard border.


7.  This is another project I intend to work on this year.  I did get it out to make calculations on what I needed to do to finish.   I wanted to use it for leader-enders but my foot has an edge guide.  I can't sew corner to corner with this on.

 8 and 9.  Lots of Christmas sampler blocks.  Lots and lots.

10.  This is an oldie.  I am not sure if I will ever finish it.  I no longer have a relationship with the person I started to make the quilt for.  This certainly put out the fire to finish it.

11.  This is Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl (another Bonnie mystery).  All the units are done, but I haven't started assembly.

12.  This is the Orca Bay mystery from Bonnie.  I only have the triangle string blocks to finish.  My sister assembled hers in 2014 and it is amazing.  I will make some progress on this quilt in 2015, but probably not a finish.

13.  Ellen advised me to pitch this version of swoon, but I think it will be a colorful picnic blanket.  I didn't intend for it to be so pink, but WOW!  I have plenty of pink for the sashing as the pattern is written.  I am wondering if I should use scraps of other colors to tone it down.

14. I have 2 nested churn dash blocks (love that pattern by the way)
15.  I have a LOT of Farmer's Wife blocks.
16.  Grand Illusion Mystery from Bonnie 2014- I have decided to go with the solid sashing. The checkerboard wasn't working for me.  Perhaps it was just the colors I chose.  I may go with 2 1/2" sashing strips with a 4 patch in the middle.  I haven't auditioned it yet.

 17. Love these country scrappy blocks.  I have tons and tons of them finished.  I am not sure why I never put them together.

 18.  These blocks from the ugly fabric challenge have not been finished into a quilt either.  I love how differently they all look.

 19 and 20.  This wall hanging is put together, but I am leaving this on the post with all the blocks because she has a brother that is not put together.

  21.  This is the current project on my design wall.  It is Jaybird Quilts Hugs and Kisses pattern.  I made it with a Christmas jelly roll and a few extra scraps.  I hope to get the block together so I can take it down off the wall.

I hope this is the end of the parade.  I have found some other quilts ("additions") and I edited Part 1 and Part 2.  I have to admit I was a little depressed when the total list climbed over 50.  In an effort to keep my studio organized, I increased my goal of finishes for the year.

The happy part of this story- there are only a few quilts on the partially pieced list that I started last year.  That means fewer stalled projects!!  I may not have gotten them all quilted, but at least they are put together.

I hope you enjoyed my colorful quilt parade.  Hopefully I will have a few less to report next year.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Oh wow... you have some gorgeous blocks! It was good for me to see that most of my UFOs are now in the piecing stage as that is my favorite one. Although I do love getting them to flimsy stage a LOT now.

MaryAnn Guappone said...

Again, lots of good stuff here. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Heather said...

Great projects, can't wait to see them finished! You know, #10 would make a great wounded warrior or veterans quilt!

Kathy S. said...

I love #17. I don't have that WIP (yet). Love your colors for Grand Illusion. I too have some of the same WIPS. I'm working on WIPS this year as much as possible and trying to say NO to some of the other QA's, but it's hard. Best of luck to some finishes this year.

Ellen said...

Are you sure all these WIPs are yours? Maybe someone is stuffing projects in your sewing machine bags when you aren't looking at retreats?