Monday, January 13, 2014

Design Wall Monday

It's Monday again and I am back to work.  It was fabulous to have an extra week off! I think I could be a hermit as it really didn't bother me to stay home for 5 days straight.  My kids really enjoyed the extra time off, but they were ready to go back to school today.

I have been working extra hard on my own projects during this time. I have been piecing projects 2 at a time which is working really well for me.  I have also started pinning my blocks together in the evenings while watching football with the kids.

I have finally finished this spring table runner.  I have had it in the pile to quilt for ages but I wasn't sure what I wanted to quilt on it.  I decided to use it as a practice piece (which means I had a no rip policy).  There are areas which could be lots better, so don't look to closely.  Overall I think the designs I chose worked well together.

 I have this quilt half quilted.  I need to finish quilting it so I can mark it off my list too.

This Oldie from the UFO list is now in rows.  I am not willing to admit how old, but I will tell you it was the very first Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I started 2 of them at that time.  I finished the other one, but this one has been sitting around for a long time.  I did not sew my 9 patches in strips (I used 1 1/2" squares).  I hope to get the rows sewn together this week.  Those 1 1/2" squares take a lot of pinning.

Please ignore my piles below the quilt.  It looks like I need to go a little cleaning from my flurry of sewing.

It is hard to believe, but this beauty is now 16.  I am so thankful that she will be driving soon.  She is such a great kid and helper to me.  I will miss her so much when she studies abroad for 12 months.  She will be leaving in just 6 short months.  She purchased her rotary blazer last week and she was so excited.  We should find out later this month where she will be traveling to.  It will be such an amazing experience for her.

She insisted on making her own birthday cake.  She still let us sing the birthday song to her, but she insisted on no candles this year.  Perhaps that is because her wish of being an exchange student is coming true.  Her brother never misses an opportunity to pick on her.  She is a good sport about it most of the time.

I hope you have a productive quilting week!

The word of the year TACKLE.  It applies to so many things in my life right now.


PeggyinNO said...

Wow, lots of great "eye candy". Love the quilting on the table runner.
Is that mint chips on her chocolate birthday cake? Girl after my own heart!!!
Wishing her a great year abroad!

Ramona said...

Your Bonnie mystery UFO is beautiful. I love the colors in it and how they pop. Lots of lovely things to see!

Anonymous said...

Your quilting on the table runner looks fabulous to me! Beautiful daughter :). I have three of my own. Love the red/black quilt.

A Nudge said...

Love that first mystery - so bright and colorful. Loved all the other eye candy - you have sure tackled those ufos! Bon voyage to you daughter.

Melinda said...

I love your Bonnie UFO - the colors are so cheerful. It must feel great to be tackling those UFOs.

Sue Daurio said...

Love the spring runner, it's beautiful. Happy birthday to your daughter and how exciting for her!

Melinda said...

I pulled out the same UFO. I have all the units made but only two blocks put together. I hope to work on it soon. Yours looks great.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

You have so much color on your blog! I love it. Congrats for the upcoming adventures for your daughter!