Thursday, January 16, 2014

Retreat preparation.

It is always the very last minute that I pick my projects for a retreat weekend.  I am getting much better at guessing the amount of projects I need to bring to keep my occupied and productive.

This time I looked at my goals for the month.  I have one quilt left on my goal list that I have not touched this month.

  • I will be bring my  Kansas Troubles wall quilt.  There are 2 blocks that I don't really care for, so I will be remaking those.  Can you spot the blocks that bother me?  One is on the lower right of the center pinwheel.  It has a pattern on the fabric and it is about one shade too dark.  The other block is on the right second block down.  Maybe if I move both of them to the edge they won't be so noticeable.  
  • I will also be bring another log cabin quilt that I started several years ago.  I have the blocks all completed, so I should be able to get that one together also.
  • I will also be bring lodge quilt (UFO #81 from the parade).  I am not sure if this quilt has applique, so I may have to substitute another quilt.
  • As a reward, I will be bringing a new project (more on that tomorrow).  I hope to get some of the pieces cut out and kitted up.
I am sure I can find more unfinished projects if I run out.

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