Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I tried...I really did!

I tried to let this bucket go to the trash bin without browsing.  I walked by many times.  I never reached down to peek in.  I moved it around the room.  The truth of the matter is, when I went to dump it I had to look (You probably know the rest of the story).

I sorted it.  That's just what I do.  Is it the Mom in me?  probably so.

I created this pile for my neighbor girl who received a sewing machine for Christmas.  She has just been burning up thread since she received it.  Since she is 8, these are already pre-cut.  
 This is the pile of goodies I saved for myself.  There are several nice quality pieces in there.

This pile of bits and pieces I didn't think were the best quality went to the trash.

So I admit it - I was a trash picker.  I did not dumpster dive on this excursion, but I won't say that is beyond me.

Last night I "TACKLED" some backings.  I made 3 backings in preparation for more quilting.

  1. I made the backing for my brother's log cabin quilt.  I found a 4" X 30" scrap in my bin that gave me just enough of the fabric I needed to complete it.
  2. I made the backing for my bright 4 patch quilt.  Dottie had gifted me a yellow fabric with butterflies during the scrap gifting Christmas party.  I had just enough to make it work
  3. I made the backing for my green and black swoon quilt.  I did not have enough of any of the fabrics, so I had to get creative.  I think it is just perfect.

I don't have any finishes to report today, but perhaps I get get the batting cut for the next 3 quilts so they are ready to load.

I have a weekend retreat coming up on Friday, so I better start planning some piecing projects.  Perhaps I should tackle the applique on assorted projects in the UFO pile.  Each one has a tiny bit of applique.

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