Thursday, January 2, 2014

NewFOs now become UFOs?

I have really struggled with what to classify my projects of 2013 (NewFOs) as.   My primary focus last year was to finish my old projects that were abandoned long ago.  I did start and finish several new projects along the way in addition to my UFOs, however, I still had some unfinished projects at the end of the year.  When I counted up my works in process, I had more than I thought.  I am afraid if I don't add  them to the UFO list they will get forgotten like the items of the UFO parade.  I am going to give them their own special spot in this blog post so they don't get forgotten.  It really helped me to have all my UFO listed in the parade so I could quickly reference them.

1.  Baby Kameryn's quilt.  She is 4 months old, so I better get busy and get this quilted.

2.  Floor pillow for the family room quilted and waiting for me to put it together.

3.  Braided runner that I did as a class demonstration.   

4.  The start of a project using the Hex n' More Ruler
 5.  This is a log cabin quilt for my brother.  The pattern is from Quilty magazine (Strawberries and Cream).  I have the borders on it and the backing pulled so I can get it pieced.
 6.  This is another demonstration quilt.  I finished the top but I didn't get it quilted.
 7.  This was a runner I made with the X- Block Ruler.  I think I should finish this one for Valentine's day.  It would look festive on the table.
 8.  This is the tree skirt I just started after Christmas.  I have the backing made, so hopefully I can mark this one off my list also.
9.  I finished this quilt at a retreat in Shipshe on October.  Somehow it was pushed to the side and never got quilted.  I used this tutorial as a rough guide line.
 10. & 11.  #10 is in the background and it is a scrappy swoon supersized.  I worked on it at Shipse, but I didn't bring all the pieces to get it together.  #11 is a smaller version of the scrappy log cabin quilt from Quilty magazine.  I started it after Christmas when I found a box of 1 1/4" strips that were lonely on the shelf.  All the blocks are completed, but I need to put them together.

In my mind (before I actually took pictures and counted) I had 3 or 4 projects left unfinished.  I guess these pictures will keep me accountable.  I did finish over 20 projects from the UFO list, so at least the list didn't grow larger.

Found this Newfo in January and I wanted to makes sure it didn't get forgotton

#11.  4 lonely Swoon blocks that need to put together


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I really didn't like rolling mine over much either... especially the 7 tops that will be made from my RSC13 blocks. Hopefully more motivation to finish them up. Love your purple & aqua baby quilt!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I need to make a list of my UFOs. I think I am doing a no buy challenge for the next five or six months. :)