Saturday, January 25, 2014

Small Finish

Small finishes are just as good as large ones in my book.  This one is really old.  I ran into several problems because of my lack of knowledge.  Let me talk about the pitfalls.

    • I thought chenille would be great for applique, but I couldn't applique the edge well.
    • wool on top of chenille, on top of cotton is too think for a sewing machine.
    • chenille isn't very durable and doesn't sew well.
I had a plan to finish this guy yesterday.  At the time I started this wall hanging (probably 10 years ago).  I didn't realize that felted wool wouldn't ravel.  I decided it really wasn't important to cover the edge of the wool pieces on the snowman and just went with a straight stitch.

I free motion quilted the background on my quilting machine first.  My hopping foot would not go over the chenille (let alone the wool).  I didn't want to mess with raising the hopping foot for one little 10 year old wall hanging.  I removed the quilt and took it to my regular sewing machine (Juki).  The hopping foot didn't hop high enough on that machine either.  I set the pressure on the lowest and woman-handled the quilt to quilt the scarf.  The chenille was sagging in the snowman, so I put on my walking foot and quilted some lines on the snowman.  The little balls of chenille would catch from time to time on my walking foot, so I had to be careful.  It is completed except for binding and button eyes.  It looks like there is still plenty of winter left to display it.

 My walkout basement has a significant drift.  It looks like a great day to stay in and do some more quilting.

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Cherie in St Louis said...

I'm impressed you persevered and got your old project finished! For everything, it really is cute :)